Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tossing my hat into the bloggers ring

Greetings, fellow pilgrims!

I don't really have time to be doing this, but sometimes there are just too many thoughts brewing in my head that I just have to get down in writing.  So I suspect posts here may come in fits and starts.

Like the Second Vatican Council, I too am coming up on my 50th.  I have only a child's memory of the changes that happened in the Catholic Church around the time I was approaching the age of reason:  I remember being very confused about how different the contents were of each of two small white hardbound-cover children's missals that I received as first Communion gifts.

It has only been in the past two years (thanks to Pope Benedict's Summorum Pontificum and a very fortunate set of circumstances) that I have been able to discover and embrace the heritage and traditions that we all were robbed of in the aftermath of and in the pseudo-Spirit of Vatican II.  The reform of and return of sacredness to the ordinary form of the liturgy can't come soon enough -- and not just for me, not just for our family, but for our country and our world. 

Lex orandi, lex credendi: the law of prayer is the law of belief.  As the twentieth century rolled into the twenty-first, it became more and more evident that in forgetting how God wants to be worshipped, all but a faithful remnant have no notion of sin, no notion of evil, no notion that they are in the cross hairs of the Evil One.

Cardinal Raymond Burke recently stated in an interview:
 The Holy Father rightly has put his focus on the sarcred liturgy because this is the highest and most perfect expression of our life in Christ. And if we can reestablish in the celebration of the sacred liturgy a strong sense of the worship of God as God wants it, not my creation, but the gift of God, that sacred worship has been handed down to us in the Church through the centuries, we’ll get a lot of other things straightened out at the same time. It has to start with the sacred liturgy.
Save the liturgy, save the world!

As for the blog's title, Momma magistra, and my signature line, Mater et Magistra, which is Latin for "Mother and Teacher", I'm a homeschooling mom of our two boys.  (No reference intended to Bl. John XXIII's encyclical by the same name).  As such, my husband and I take very seriously our duty to be the primary educators of our children, especially in the faith, morals, and matters regarding the transmission of life.  It's an overwhelmingly tough job in 2012 to raise our children in the world and yet guard them from the world -- thanks be to God that in addition to our friends in the Church Militant, we also have friends in the Church Triumphant and Church Suffering we can count on for help!

Off we go!

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